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Who we are?

We are a trading desk that is constantly looking for innovation, that renews itself and frequently follows the latest trends in programmatic media. Always one step ahead, we keep our structure, processes and technologies up to date to better meet our customers' needs, in an agile and assertive manner.


Surveys are carried out regularly to identify the movement and direction the media is following, in order to always offer our clients the latest in the world market

Through a simple and uncomplicated process, we serve our clients beyond the media purchase itself, with a specialized and transparent consultancy

The results of programmatic media broadcasts are analyzed in an intelligent way, enabling a more agile and intelligent decision-making and insights

OGD ecosystem

Media management and optimization process with 3 features:

DSP Goal


Fast Tracking


The greatest diversity of platforms for data integration and analysis


Brand Safety

Big Data


Impact your audience quickly and efficiently with media integration.




Programmatic Media

In addition to operating, we act as strategic consultants to help you clearly understand how the dynamics of media buying works and how to get better results with your web advertising space acquisition.

The most diverse range of technology platforms on the market

We use several DSP players to increase purchase diversification, obtaining more insights and making media purchases on the most appropriate platform, more assertively.

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