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    Media integration
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Media management and optimization process with 3 fronts

DSP Goal

We carry out purchases on the largest DSPs in the market.


We organize and analyze data for quick performance verification and agility in decision making.

Fast Tracking

Fast, transparent and easy communication between Overview and Client to share our results.


Generating insights for decision making

Brand Safety

We use segmentation methods to filter out unwanted content that is unfavorable to your strategy; Allow and Black list.


We have developed an EXCLUSIVE ecosystem with Artificial Intelligence that integrates and drives the platforms and strategies within Overview.

Big Data

We are 100% data driven! We analyze all data and results in order to optimize the time and investment of the campaigns run.




In our network, we receive approximately 5 billion daily bid requests, coming from several SSPs that have the most diverse sites and portals.

We perform daily optimizations and monitor campaigns in real time so we can act quickly on actions that truly bring change to your campaign's success.


Pre-roll: Display the ad before the video starts, with the option to skip after 5 seconds.

Mid-roll: Display the ad in the middle of the video, with the option to skip after 5 seconds.

Post-roll: Display the ad after the video ends, with the option to skip after 5 seconds.

In-Banner: Videos that start without sound, with the option to be closed, paused and unmute.


74% of Brazilians have acess to the internet, 58% use the network only by cell phone.

Currently, the use of mobile internet surpasses desktop devices, and the increase in this use is also reflected in the number of impressions and engagement with advertising.

With a large network of mobile SSPs, we provide in-app and mobile web banners, and we receive more than 4 billion daily bid requests.


We have great blogs already connected to our network, and we also offer other negotiation possibilities with exclusive blogs (campaign by campaign).

We also offer some Rich Media formats (created by Overview), where we always look for high visibility and good results.

There is also the possibility of creating formats (exclusive for specific actions) at no additional cost!


The number of CTV viewers has grown steadily in recent years as streaming content (on demand) has moved from being just a promising trend to the forefront of content production, with global advertising revenues OTT (on–the-top) reaching US$11 billion by 2021, according to eMarketer.

The good news for advertisers is that audiences are often quite tolerant of ads if it means they will receive quality content in return.

CTV offers great opportunities for engagement and outreach outside the realm of linear distribution for content producers and broadcasters. On the other hand, advertisers can leverage the widest reach of audiences that watch television for less time, in a highly dynamic environment that holds the promise of more targetable inventory than linear channels could ever offer.

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